Immigration Paperwork US


Does Immigration Paperwork US offer legal services?
No. Immigration Paperwork US provides only self help legal document preparation services. In most cases that is enough to help you handle your immigration case with ease. This means that we ask you for the needed information and fill out the needed U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) forms at your specific directions so you can file the immigration documents yourself. It is against the law for anyone besides licensed lawyers or accredited representatives to offer legal advice. If you need legal advice, legal representation, or need to appear before the immigration court, then you should contact an attorney or a law office specializing in immigration law. Also, bear in mind that lawyers from another country who are not licensed in US are not authorized to offer legal services in US. You can check whether an immigration lawyer is in good standing and licensed from American Bar Association directory.
I just married a US Citizen and want to apply for a green card, but I don't know how to complete the USCIS forms myself. Can Immigration Paperwork US help me?
YES! Immigration Paperwork US specializes in preparing documents for adjustment of status and naturalization matters. We will ask you for required information and complete the required paperwork. You will get a “ready to file” package that you can send straight to USCIS.
Will Immigration Paperwork file the document package for me and accompany me to the immigration interview?
No. Immigration Paperwork US provides only document preparation and translation services. We will prepare the document package, but you will have to send it to USCIS yourself. We cannot accompany you to or represent you at immigration interviews as we are not offering legal services. If you need legal representation, then you should contact an immigration attorney.
Can Immigration Paperwork US find me an interpreter for the immigration interview?
YES! Although USCIS does not provide foreign language interpreters at adjustment of status interviews you can still bring one yourself. If you are not comfortable speaking in English then we can definitely find you a qualified interpreter for the interview as we have years of experience in the translation and interpretation industry. Remember that even if your US petitioner (spouse, parent or sponsor) is capable of interpreting for you, the interviewing officer may not allow it because it reduces their ability to compare your answers and detect fraud.
I am looking for someone to represent me in immigration court or I have specific legal questions I need an answer to. Can Immigration Paperwork US help me?
No. If you need legal advice, then you should contact a lawyer or a law firm. Be aware of notario fraud, use common sense, and make sure the lawyer is licensed by checking the ABA directory.
I am trying to enroll my child or myself in school in US and they are asking for certified translations of foreign documents. Can Immigration Paperwork US help me?
YES! Local governments often require certified translations of foreign documents and this is just the thing we specialize in. You will just have to provide us with scans for the documents you need translated (transcripts, diplomas, etc.) and we will send you a package containing the translation and a notarized certification going with it.